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Calico Mask

Carolyn Brown

You can find a listing of Carolyn’s publications on Google Scholar (so much easier than searching Pubmed for C Brown!)

Ph.D., 1991, University of Toronto

Postdoctoral Fellowships:

  • Stanford University and
  • Case Western Reserve University

Current lab members

Happy Birthday!
Samantha Peeters, B.Sc. (Guelph) is a Ph.D. student identifying the DNA elements allowing human genes to escape X-chromosome inactivation.  She is doing this by integration of human DNA into the mouse X chromosome in collaboration with the Simpson lab at CMMT.  She is currently using CRISPR in a mouse embryonic stem cell line with two X chromosomes to generate a female cell line for targeting. Sam was featured in Faculty of Medicine’s ‘Back to School’ site
Karanveer(wlabcoat) Karanveer Bhangu, B.Sc. (York) joined the lab in September 2021.  He is currently using CRISPR to generate deletions of XIST in somatic cells. 
Brad Bradley Balaton, B.Sc. (Saskatoon) is a Ph.D. student studying genes that are variable in their escape from X-chromosome inactivation, so that they are subject to inactivation in some females, but escape from inactivation in other females.
Christine Christine Yang, (M.Sc. UBC) did her M.Sc. on using DNA methylation to examine silencing of transgenes.  She then undertook the lab’s first RNA and ChIP-seq studies (see Genome Biology paper) and has become the lab’s RIP-star.
Calico Gashapon
Gashapon calico Brad brought from Japan
Sarah (B.Sc. Simon Fraser University) is the lab manager and is looking at XIST RNA:protein interactions.
image Bronwyn Posynick
Majo y Seymour


Seymour is not a calico, that’s unique to cats!

Maria Jose Navarro Cobos joined the lab in 2019 from Mexico.  

Graduates and their Theses

Thomas Dixon-McDougall, Ph.D., 2020


Tom has now moved to Boston for a PDF

Samantha Peeters, Ph.D., 2019
Modelling human escape from X-chromosome inactivation in mouse
Andrew Chapman, M.Sc., 2013
Transcriptional regulation of the XIST locus
Angela Kelsey, M.Sc., 2013,
Mechanisms for XIST RNA cis-localization
Jakub Minks, Ph.D., 2012
Role of XIST and its interacting partners in gene silencing
Allison Cotton, Ph.D., 2012
Patterns of DNA methylation on the human X chromosome and use in analyzing X-chromosome inactivation
Christine Yang, M.Sc., 2012
DNA methylation demonstrates spread of X-chromosome inactivation to human transgenes
Nancy Thorogood, Ph.D., 2010
XIST/Xist Induced Epigenetic Events in Somatic Cells
Samuel Chang, Ph.D., 2009
Identification and characterization of cis-acting regulatory elements for human XIST
Desiree Quint, M.Sc., 2006
Aberrant Hypermethylation of Xq12 in Lymphoma
Ziny Yen, M.Sc., 2005
Comparative studies of X inactivation within eutheria
Jennifer Chow, Ph.D., 2003
XIST and its role in X-chromosome inactivation
Ed Kwok, M.Sc., 2002
XIST and macroH2A1.2 in hybrid cells
Cathy Anderson, Ph.D., 2002
Variable X inactivation of the human TIMP1 gene
Sanja Karulic, M.Sc., 2001
Studies of X-chromosome inactivation and identification of the Xist gene in the insectivore Scapanus orarius

Gone but not forgotten

Diane —– MITACS student, 2016


Molly — MITACS student, 2017

Kira — Undergraduate student, 2018 & 2019

Suria — MITACs student, 2019